Brett’s West Coast-Inspired Pop EP ‘On Account of Your Love’

Brett On Account of Your Love Artwork

Brett On Account of Your Love ArtworkImage via Chill Mega Chill

DC indie pop band Brett release their new EP, On Account of Your Love, via Chill Mega Chill. Discussing the project’s west coast-inspiration, Brett’s Mick Coogan told Can I May I “They’re kind of California songs. I was living in DC with some of my bandmates and moved out here to do more music stuff, which was a transition. These songs are grown here in LA and based on experiences. There are two songs on the EP that are really pleasant and bright, you know youthful and innocent and happy, and then two songs that are really heavy. Thematically, it’s a good counterpoint. They represent new relationships, since I’ve been out here and coming to grips with having to leave certain people behind on the East Coast. There’s all these happy new beginnings, but things come to an end at the same time. The EP is really an intense dichotomy of emotions I was feeling, and it expresses that for me.”

On Account of Your Love is out now, place your order here. Brett’s sophomore album is slated for January via Cascine, who released the band’s brilliant 2014 self-titled record.