Exhibitionist Debuts Mysterious Music Video For “Motionless”

Exhibitionist Motionless Music Video 1000px

Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist Exhibitionist returns with her new music video for “Motionless.” The solo project of Kristy Tickle, who is also part of the noise act Party Dozen, shared the song’s origin and meaning, on Facebook:

“It’s my favourite song I’ve written since starting the Exhibitionist project. It was written following a disagreement with a very dear friend. I had done or said something hurtful, and he just froze mid-argument, completely motionless. The lyrics are about finding forgiveness and the cyclic nature of friendships, but mostly the song is about love always coming out on top.”

Directed by Jos Eastwood and choreographed by Brianna Kell, the visual follows two characters who are about to come together in an kiss or embrace before one disappears into a cloud of smoke. Just like her previous video for “Hands,” the same thread of vulnerability and elegance weaves through “Motionless.” The new single is out now via Future Classic, stream or purchase “Motionless” here.