Good Morning TV’s Eerie Music Video for “Strangle”

Good Morning TV, the solo project and “self version of pop” from Bérénice Deloire, shares the music video for “Strangle.” Taken from the self-titled debut EP, the video’s retro feel, stark color palette and vacant stares evoke thoughts of eerie films from the ’60s and ’70s like ‘Rosemary’s Baby.’

Deloire describes the video as “the feeling of being strangled, and having uncontrollable fears. A girl (played by Jade Henot) wakes up on morning and seems to not notice that people, completely dehumanized, are around her. From being just a piece of the background, they become more and more present, taking more and more space.” The director, Florian Duboe, added that it’s about “All those tiny things that get to you and don’t want to go. It’s the story of one of the day where they never want to leave.”

Good Morning TV is out now via Requiem Pour Un Twister. Purchase on vinyl/digital or cassette.