IDK Drops ‘IWASVERYBAD’ – a Hip Hop Autobiography Told by a True Visionary



IWASVERYBAD is a superb body of work that unfolds like a film. It was made in conjunction with a self-produced visual series documenting a kid from Maryland raised in a middle-class home who ends up behind bars for armed robbery as depicted in “17 With The 38” featuring Chief Keef. From there his desire to become a rapper, like so many in this position, beats the odds and comes to life, but not without deep sorrow and pain, as he tragically loses his mother with her untimely passing. One of the most heartfelt songs on the project, “No Shoes On The Rug, Leave Them At The Door,” is dedicated to her. A rollercoaster ride of events combined with masterful storytelling, the soundtrack also conveys an overarching theme of the gentrification of IDK’s childhood neighborhood in Maryland and its repercussions. This is an autobiography as told by a true visionary who has spent years to get here.

IDK’s (formerly Jay IDK) IWASVERYBAD is out now via Adult Swim / HXLY. Stream or purchase the new album here and watch his latest music video for “Pizza Shop (ft. Yung Gleesh)” below.