Indie Harpist Goldmyth Shares Luminous “Has To Be Better” Video

Goldmyth Music Video

We admit it. We are easy. Throw a harp, harmonica or banjo into a song and there is a good chance we will love it. Not the easiest instrument to throw or bring to a jam session, but with the harp’s ethereal, glimmering chords all is right in the world.

Based in Provo, Utah singer-songwriter Goldmyth shares her vibrant dream-like music video for “Has To Be Better.” Inspired by how memories work, the classically trained harpist said “My songs focus on the idea that when you craft a narrative of how a relationship decayed, for example, the memories are so corroded that little details feel important but the structure and storyline are distant and hard to place, like it was a dream. That’s how daily life is too, the day to day details are in the foreground and the overall plan and bigger themes are only visible in quiet, sometimes somber moments.”

Goldmyth’s Faded Dream EP is out now. Purchase on iTunes.

Live Dates
August 28 | Kilby Court | Salt Lake City, UT