King Henry’s “Moment (ft. Rhye)” – a Beguiling Lamentation to an Elusive Lover

King-Henry-feat.-Rhye Moment

Following the soulful lead single “Destiny (ft. RY X)”, multi-faceted producer King Henry shares “Moment,” featuring Mike Milosh from Rhye. After meeting at Coachella, the pair began collaborating right away which lead to “Moment,” appearing on King Henry’s upcoming EP, and a second song expected to appear on Rhye’s forthcoming record.

“Working with Henry was not the most obvious pairing. Our styles of music are different, however once we got in the studio together we were able to rely on our knowledge of different classical structures and to find a way to apply those to a sound that is more modern and electronic.  Our process for making music ended up being very complimentary which made all that time spent in the studio pretty enjoyable,” said Milosh.

Co-written and produced by King Henry and Milosh, “Moment” journeys along hypnotic staccato beats weaving in and out of lush, silky valleys eventually building to a crescendo of strings. Hear the pair’s debut collaboration above and purchase here. Further details about King Henry’s upcoming EP and a debut live tour are expected soon.