Toulouse Shares Soulful Orchestral Journey Through “Hurtin”

Toulouse Hurtin Artwork

Self-taught Nigerian artist Toulouse follows the ethereal single “Reach Out” with “Hurtin,” another soulful gem taken from his forthcoming debut EP, Extended Plea. Written, composed and produced by Toulouse, he told Pigeons & Planes, “Hurtin’ is a simple song about thorough self reflection about…you guessed it…hurting . . . Not a specific event, but the mindset that a lot of us can be slave to. It can be like walking around with a perpetual ache. There is a continuum present with the last song I put out ‘Reach Out.’ Meaning I am doing the work of being aware of, investigating and ultimately accepting that I be radically honest with myself even if I am staring at a grotesque image on the other side. It’s half the battle of being a better person.”

Purchase “Hurtin” here and pre-order Toulouse’s debut album Extended Plea out September 15th here.

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