ZGTO’s Short Film ‘A Piece of the Geto’

ZGTO Short Film

ZGTO, the collaboration between Detroit-based electronic artist and producer Shigeto, aka Zach Saginaw, and Bruiser Brigade member ZelooperZ shares the short film, A Piece of the Geto. Inspired by and featuring music from their album of the same name, the 14 minute film gives a behind the scenes look into the project and and the backdrop that produced it. “It’s a representation of what two brothers from completely different environment can give each other. The music is freedom for us. It’s a chance to say that all of those rules that you thought existed, don’t exist,” said Shigeto.

With ZGTO, both artists found new opportunities to explore their creativity and art. For Shigeto, who’s more accustomed to working as a solo artist, he turned his attention to vibing off of ZelooperZ and crafting their collaboration. For Detroit resident ZelooperZ, who has had a gift for words since he was a kid, the partnership gave him an avenue to express the different artistic sides he might not have shown before. Watch the short film above and stream/purchase A Piece of the Geto out now via Ghostly International and Third Man Records.